Tyrants and Your Children


You can’t subjugate a Christian people. They won’t stand for it! A Christian culture will recognize and reject tyranny before tyranny can get a foothold. This is because a Biblically-literature and Biblically-devoted people will not allow their civil government to tyrannically usurp the jurisdictions of self-government, family government, and church government.

A Christian people, by virtue of their understanding of God’s creation, their knowledge of history, their comprehension of the divine origin of law, and their assurance of heavenly citizenship, will never suffer earthly leaders who do not speak and act lawfully. A Christian people would not be so foolish as to allow those who mock law and justice to lead them.

In order, therefore, to subjugate and enslave a Christian people, you must first de-Christianize them. You must remove from the culture that which prevents you from conquering them. Piece by piece, Christian beliefs must be removed, along with memory of those beliefs, from minds of the people. This will take time.

You must concentrate on the children. You must take them away from their parents and every day, day by day, indoctrinate them to reject and forget the Christian ideas and habits of their fathers and their mothers, their grandfathers and their grandmothers. This is precisely what government schools were designed to do. This is what they have done and continue to do.

Once the people are de-Christianized, you can take away their rights. You can take away their property. You can take away their weapons. You can tell them lies that they will believe. You can kill them… or let the live, if it suits you.

You can’t conquer a Christian people. But if you can steal their children and train them to believe that there is a wall of separation between God and government, then you can enslave them – or rather – they will have enslaved themselves.

Written By: Michael Peroutka, Maryland attorney and former Constitution Party presidential candidate.