Our Firm Foundation


The League of the South stands opposed to the progressive/globalist agenda on every significant matter: immigration, abortion, moral issues regarding sexuality, gun control, and the anti-White agenda in general, to name but a few. We base our opposition not merely on common sense and what is good for our people, but on the word of God. Though we are not the Church, we always have honored the word of the true and living God as the foundation of Southern civilization, and we shall continue to do so.

Our Creator has determined the day and the means of our death, so we can be like General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson when he proclaimed that he felt just as safe from death on horseback in the middle of battle as he did resting his cot before or after battle. When we appeal to the Most High for wisdom and courage, He will give us what He so graciously gave to Jackson. That has been my attitude, by God’s grace, for the last quarter century. Let your sense of Christian duty to your Faith, Family, and Folk drive out your fears of what your enemy might do. There is nothing that the enemy fears as much as us banishing our won fears and moving ahead smartly with supreme confidence in our God and our campaign to save and revitalize our glorious civilization.

So when we go into the public square to freely assemble and speak on behalf of our noble cause, an act that our enemies have made quite dangerous over the past year and a half, let us do so with the full armor of God and the sword of His mighty truth. We are the inheritors of that sublime civilization we call Christendom. Like its heroes before us, from Charles Martel, to the Crusaders, to the warriors of Lepanto and Vienna, let us take the cross of our Lord into battle and expect to emerge victorious.

-Dr. Michael Hill, League of the South President