Hope or Despair


HOPE OR DESPAIR? Those often seem like our only two choices. 

THE SURVEY SAYS … Given the past century or so, it’s easy to pick despair. Look around you: the Christian family is so often shattered by divorce and other strife, meth and opiates have wrecked devastation on rural whites, floods of hostile and alien peoples pour into our lands day after day, and sexual deviants roam through every city in the land trying to corrupt our children. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are counting their money in the financial districts of the great metropolises (and occasionally fleeing to Israel when their arrogance leads them into truly egregious mistakes). It’s enough to make you lie down and cry, never to rise again.

SEEDS OF HOPE … Don’t give into it. First, despair is a sin. If you say that all hope is lost, you question the ability of God. Historically, He hasn’t responded very well to that. There tends to be property damage and traumatic injury in response. Second, there are seeds of hope if you look for them. Sure, the lefties foam at the mouth on the airways and Internet advocating for baby-murder, buggery, pedophilia, and pretty much any vileness you can think of. There are, on the other hand, some encouraging signs if you look for them. As witnessed in this panicked little piece in Forbes (Why Democrats are losing sleep over GenX), many measures are showing that the rising generation of youngsters is swinging back to the right, against the liberal tide of the Millennials and far too many Generation X. It appears that perhaps the human ability to stomach social sewage may have its limits. Let’s hope the pendulum swings WAY back within our lifetime. Furthermore, even in long-subdued Europe, while people appear to be waking up. Witness the recent rise of anti-immigrant groups in Sweden, Austria, and even Germany. Those of us who have been to Germany in the past few decades are frankly shocked at the over-spilling of frustration  and anger in places such as Chemnitz; we’d thought the last bit of backbone in Deutschland faded long ago. While it is still a desperate situation, these sudden flickers of flame give hope that a fire can be rekindled in Europe that may yet throw back the teeming Mohammedan hordes. One of the funniest experiences I’ve had recently was watching a lefty reporter get literally tag-teamed by middle-aged working Germans when she tried to go in and lecture them about how the whole situation with violent immigrants was really their fault. The footage tends to pop on and off of YouTube, probably because it doesn’t fit too well with the “preferred narrative.”

AND FLOWERS TOO … Other flowers of hope can even been seen in the perpetual mess that is South America. The model leftist dictatorship in Venezuela, beloved by such American leftists as former President “As-Long-As-They-Ain’t-White-They’re-All-Right” Obama is currently in the final stages of collapse, proving that leftist policies can collapse even a resource-rich nation with international support. In Brazil, hardcore conservative and former military man Jair Bolosonaro seems poised to sweep into office, replacing a succession of corrupt lefties amid a groundswell of working Brazilians who are just sick of the rottenness. Hopefully, he will provide better results than the United States got from its most recent regime change. On that subject, hope and despair are hard to separate. Many on the Right held out great hope for Donald Trump, despite the fact that he was a sodomite-Friendly Yankee who spent his life intertwined with the Jewish financial establishment in that great urban canker, New York City. They were probably destined to be disappointed anyway, but the much-discussed “Deep State” has been doing its best to crush even his limited moves towards improving the system. You see, the Left cannot tolerate even the implication that their policies are utter idiocy. One is not allowed to even mention the turd in the punchbowl, much less demand a feces-free drink option. Hence, the current carnival slideshow. Meanwhile, Trump has done little or nothing to fix the tide of alien blood pouring across the borders, which was the number one issue that gained him widespread support. As far as getting the United States (of which the South is unfortunately a part, at least for now) out of its horrifyingly abusive relationship with Israel (the Ike Turner to our Tina)? Please! The man sold his daughter to them!

BATTLE LINES … However, one great blessing will inevitably come out of this: The battle lines are drawn. Maybe not for a shooting war (not yet, at least), but for a division and conflict that will represent a REAL revolution in our way of life. The uneasy truce between people who really don’t have much in common and have never really liked each other can never go back to the way it was. One way or another, this thing is going to get resolved – probably in the lifetime of most of us. Have hope! There will be suffering and bad things will happen to some good people. The cloud-cuckoo dreams some have that “America” will be miraculously healed, or that a pure Southern homeland will miraculously happen within existing borders probably won’t happen. We don’t get that sort of perfection this side of the Second Coming. But if you let a little faith lighten your despair, and some realism temper your hope, chances are you’ll see something that ain’t half bad.

~ Brennus is an aging Southern boy who has been declared “excess to requirements” by modern society and will now do his best to fulfill their low expectations of him.