American Mental Disorder


Southern Nationalists, along with most others on the alternative Right, are accused of being deranged or just plain wild-eyed crazy. No doubt our views are given short shrift in the media and are widely characterized as extreme. But we are not the ones out of touch with reality.


The US in accordance with its secular dogma of egalitarianism has experienced a number of “civil rights” movements. The battle of homosexual equality has been nearly completely won, primarily due to court decisions imposing it on an unwilling populace, but it won’t stop there. The next demand is for “transgender equality.”

The issue has recently been in the news. Some public schools in the US allow “transgendered” individuals to use the bathroom facilities for the sex with which they identify. A biological boy – meaning an individual with both an X and Y chromosome – who identifies as a girl is allowed to use the girl’s bathroom or locker room. The inverse is also possible, of course. Such schools have also ended the sensible and traditional sex discrimination found in school sports. This has resulted in biological boys who claim to be girls trying out for, and usually being placed on, girls’ sports teams.

Additionally, there is at least one professional athlete who is transgendered. Fallon Fox is a fighter who is biologically a man. He has a Y chromosome. But he claims to be a transgendered and now fights against women, against whom he has an unfair advantage. And most recently Amazon has come out with a new show for its video streaming service. The show Transparent has a “transgendered” main character who is a husband and father but who decides that he is actually a woman.


Any sensible person understands that a man who believes himself to be a woman or a woman who believes herself to be a man is delusional and is suffering from a mental disorder. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but such qualifications aren’t needed to see what is readily apparent. I’m not a mathematician either, but can get along just fine in the basics. If your identity is separated from your biology, then you’re mentally ill. It’s not essentially different from the case of a person who believes himself to be a dog, some other animal, or a fictional character. Although it is not always the case, in this instance the old adage that a person who is mentally ill is not aware of his illness is apropos. The same can be said for societies. A society that doesn’t recognize mental illness is itself mentally ill.

You may not agree with us Southern nationalists and you may even call us crazy, but we are not the ones out of touch with reality. We seek a political entity that expresses and perpetuates our real identity, rooted as it is in our unique biology, history, culture, and religion – not in some made-up “civil right.”

-H.C.  – Volume 9, Number 1